Dale Chihuly

The White series showcases seasoned master Dale Chihuly’s relentless pursuit to expand his highly original language of glass. As one of the greatest colorists in the history of the medium, his genius includes the application of colors in different sequences, mixing opaque with transparent, thus manipulating light as it travels through the glass.

Early in his career, Chihuly employed single colors, allowing form to leave the first impression. In recent years, he has made a concerted effort to reconsider some of his seminal series in remarkable new ways. Rather than working in solid white, Chihuly had the idea of picking up thousands of white glass threads and floating them in clear glass over a base coat of white enamel. With his studio assistants, he experimented with combining up to a dozen different types of white: opaque, transparent, translucent and alabaster variations. The result is an incredible massing of a single color, part random pattern, part spontaneous drawing finished with a delicate, silver-like reduction.