Amy Weiskopf

Still Lifes is Amy Weiskopf’s first exhibition with the gallery and includes approximately twenty small- to medium-scale recent works in oil. The carefully organized and composed paintings are unquestionably elegant and visually alluring. However, the subtly less-than-conventional subjects – an askew bowl, a wilted leaf, a cracker perilously on the edge – all offer a unique interpretation of the traditional still life. The compositions are deliberate yet spirited and invite the viewer to consider the relationship of the subjects to each other and to the whole. Weiskopf explains that “the observable world informs the light, color and subtle detail” in her work and her mastery of color and tonality is profoundly apparent.

Known primarily as a still life painter, Weiskopf values the close intimate space of the familiar tabletop, which she describes as “never too far from the kitchen and an experience everyone knows.” She finds inspiration in the hill towns of Tuscany where she spends her summers; the beauty and sensuality of New Orleans where she lived for almost twenty years; and from the frenetic and hyper stimulation of New York City.