W. Steve Rucker - Holding My Own: Brother Jim

W. Steve Rucker

In this exhibition Rucker presents two installations, “Storm Song Variations” and “Holding My Own.” In “Storm Song Variations,” Rucker’s response to the impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the artist created a ceramic and steel installation comprised of 45 brilliantly colorful abstract expressive slabs. Each of the slabs is approximately five feet in height and is elevated on three black steel legs, several of which have mirror extensions. The slabs spiral upward from the center of the gallery in approximately four rotations mimicking the bands of a hurricane.

In “Holding My Own” Rucker presents a conceptual self portrait consisting of over thirty pencil on paper drawings that are fifteen by twenty-two inches. Each drawing depicts an arm and a hand holding something of personal significance to the artist. The “Holding My Own” drawings are hung unframed on the two walls surrounding “Storm Song Variations.”