Lesley Dill - I Heard A Voice #1

Lesley Dill

Lesley Dill’s recent constructions possess a new radiant luminosity but are still characterized by the artist’s complex interweaving of a wide range of materials, images and text. Lesley Dill’s constructions are suffused with a wide range of emotional content but the works also investigate the poetic nature of art, the point where art and language meet.

The human figure and text continue to be dominant elements in Lesley Dill’s art. Her texts add a sometimes comforting, at other times disquieting human quality to the inanimate objects Lesley Dill creates. Her original syntheses of text and image combine language and the human body with a unique emotional directness.

The exhibition at the Arthur Roger Gallery will include Lesley Dill’s Still, a modular veil made of combed off-white threads that issue from knotted-wire words borrowed from Kafka, and Vapor, a wall of blonde horse hair, the springy hair catching light as it cascades to the floor and the words, again from Kafka, ascending like smoke.

A kneeling bronze based on Lesley Dill’s literary mentor, Emily Dickinson, other poets and her own Maine upbringing is also among the works in the exhibition.