Lin Emery at the Center of a Scholarly Revolution

Space Machines Corporation, a small New Orleans consultancy in the field of kinetic sculpture and motion display system design, has today announced the publication of a scholarly essay which brings to an international audience a revolutionary approach to modern art history inspired in great part by the work of our own Lin Emery.

That essay – “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: Kinetic Sculpture and the Crisis of Western Technocentrism” by Space Machines founder and longtime Emery associate G. W. Smith, and published in the journal Arts at the invitation of guest editor Dr. Andres Pardey, Vice-director of the Museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland – has as its foundation the remarkable parallelism between the techno-art assessments of Mr. Smith and those of another Emery associate, Philip Palmedo, a PhD nuclear physicist, former White House advisor, and the author of the definitive Emery monograph (Lin Emery, Hudson Hills Press, 2012).

In particular, Mr. Smith and Dr. Palmedo emphasize the fealty of Ms. Emery and her fellow kineticists Jean Tinguely, Nicolas Schöffer, and George Rickey to modern principles of mechanical construction — and thus their importance in forging a mature vision of the role of the machine and technology within modern society.

For further background, please contact Mr. Smith.