Human/Nature: The Ridiculous and Sublime | Recent Works by John Alexander

John Alexander

Human/Nature: the Ridiculous and Sublime | Recent Works by John Alexander
by John Alexander (Author), Eleanor Jones Harvey (Author), Shelley DeMaria (Author)
Published by Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, 2015
Hardcover, 127 pages

Viewers familiar with Alexander’s work will recognize some of the characters who have populated his swamps, oceans, jungles, and dinner parties over the years. In the paintings and drawings gathered for this exhibition, the artist had identified works that play off the themes that have sustained him throughout his career. The result provides us, and him, with an opportunity to reflect on what it has meant to be true to his own nature, to gleefully drag us along on his nightmarish voyages, and challenge us to reject what is easy in pursuit of what is right. -Eleanor Jones Harvey, 2015