“Review: New work by Monica Zeringue and Stephanie Patton,” Gambit

by D. Eric Bookhardt

(Excerpt, full article here)

Stephanie Patton. Valor, 2013. Vinyl, batting and muslin, 81 x 81 x 15 inches.

Stephanie Patton’s Private Practice show continues her exploration of psychic and physical healing in padded white vinyl wall hangings, fanciful soft sculptures that evoke the convolutions of the brain or even padded cells — or maybe what might have happened had a bedding company hired Salvador Dali as a designer. But Patton offers a few clues in the form of mattresslike letters spelling out the words “Good Boy,” or a video of her head covered in mummylike Band-Aid wrappings that she painfully yanks off one by one. Enigmatic and minimal, her soft sculptures defy easy interpretation, and if that seems like too much work, remember, you can probably sleep on them.