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“Mixed-Media Photographs and glass sculpture at Arthur Roger Gallery,” Gambit

In December, New Orleans is brimming with art events including Prospect.2, photo shows at PhotoNOLA’s array of gallery shows and the architecture expo DesCours, presented by the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It’s a bit much. Among the photography shows, Arthur Roger Gallery got a jump start with Ted Kincaid’s archaic looking land, sea and sky scenes resembling 19th century “wet-plate” photographs, a process prized for its poetic imperfections, but Kincaid’s work is mostly digital. Here the landscapes are dramatically otherworldly, as if some 19th century romantic artist like Alfred Bierstadt had suffered many darkroom mishaps but still got some occasionally inspired results. Read More

“On the Nature of Glass,” New Orleans Art Review

DALE CHIHULY MUST have been a bad student! He was obviously not paying attention when his general science teacher was explaining to the class that glass was an inorganic amorphous solid. “Amorphous? Inorganic? How can that be?” Read More

“Chihuly, Dale (b.1941), By David F. Martin

Dale Chihuly is unquestionably the most famous living visual artist in the Northwest. His influence is international in scope and his reputation extends into several important areas, those of artist, teacher, designer, and co-founder of one of the world’s most eminent glass schools, Pilchuck, located 50 miles north of Seattle in Stanwood (Snohomish County). Read More

“Chihuly’s Delicate Garden of Blown Glass”, Los Angeles Times

Of all the reactions likely to be observed among visitors to an exhibition of contemporary art-quiet contemplation, hushed commentary, a smile or a chuckle-a genuine gasp is surely among the most rare. Good art can be beautiful, intelligent, humorous or moving, but it takes something pretty spectacular to cut through the refined atmosphere of your typical gallery and evoke a real, spontaneous expression of astonishment. Read More

“A Glass Act”, Garden Design Journal

Dale Chihuly’s love affair with glass has endured for over 40 years, resulting in a breath-taking collection of sculptures and installations. In an exclusive interview, Judith Calver discovers how he works and what inspires the American sculptor. Read More

“Dale Chihuly at Marlborough”, Art in America

Dale Chihuly at Marlborough By Edward Leffingwell (brief article), ART IN AMERICA Dale Chihuly, who in most respects seems to deny himself little in the service of his work, awarded descriptive titles of uncharacteristic restraint to his new specimen objects. At the far end of the long axis of a familiar viewing space transformed by…  Read More

“Chihuly”, Arches Unbound

Much has been written about Dale Chihuly’s startling accomplishments as an artist—he is widely regarded as having single-handedly paved the way for glass to be accepted as a medium for serious art—but relatively few know about the 1963 Puget Sound alum’s Tacoma roots and his continuing commitment to his hometown. Read More

“Dale Chihuly at L.A. Louver”, Art in America

Dale Chihuly’s stunning installation of large-scale sculptural works at L.A. Louver showed how simplicity can triumph in the hands of a master. Chihuly amassed hundreds of simple hand-blown units of various organic shapes into protean configurations of breathtaking beauty, mystery and even majesty. Read More