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“Artist Profile: David Halliday,” New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles

David Halliday is a master of still photography. He is known for his captivating portraiture, his still-lifes of exquisite ripened fruit (some with sexual undertones), his ethereal landscapes and his anthropological renderings of ordinary objects. But within the serene stillness of his works lie movement and life. Read More

“An Eye for Food,” Zester Daily

Nineteen years ago, David Halliday moved to New Orleans to be a chef in a food-obsessed city; now he’s a photographer. As it turns out, his path between the kitchen and the dark room is deliciously short. Read More

“Seeing Beauty in Unexpected Places”, American Artist

Simon Gunning has an edgy way of viewing southern Louisiana’s almost mystical landscape with all its beauty and harshness. His paintings of vast, watery marshes; dark, almost impenetrable swamps; gritty city streets; and the Mississippi River coursing through the endlessly flat coastal delta are not the grand romantic illusions favored by the mid-19th century Luminists or Impressionists. Read More

“David Halliday”, Southern Accents

When David Halliday wanders through a grocery store or farmer’s market, he’s just like any other gourmet shopper on the lookout for a crisp bunch of arugula or a pristine fillet of salmon. Read More