Dale Chihuly

This exhibition includes new architectural installations and setworks representing the breadth and scope of the artist’s vision over the last four decades. Artworks on view will include Chandeliers, Fiori series, Soft Cylinders, Venetians and Drawings. Chihuly first showed a Chandelier in 1992 during the opening exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. The show marked the moment when he started to work with this form in architectural settings. He appreciated the ability of a chandelier to transform a space and wanted to explore what he considered a lost art. Chihuly’s Chandeliers range from three to 30 feet in length and are made up of as many as 1,000 pieces. Massing color together with many pieces in a single installation, Chihuly’s stunning Neodymium Reeds on Burned Log is composed of 24 elegant purple Reeds atop a naturally-burned Western Red Cedar. Chihuly’s Fiori series continues his move in the direction of organic, free flowing forms. In this series, which first appeared as Mille Fiori (Italian for “a thousand flowers”) at the Tacoma Art Museum in 2003, Chihuly has revisited and refined many of the forms and techniques that he used earlier in his career. He has created spectacular installations that are true gardens of glass. They are the latest manifestations of the artist’s life-long fascination with flowers and gardens, which developed from his mother’s passion for gardening.