Dale Chihuly

The Arthur Roger Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of the world’s foremost glass artist Dale Chihuly.  The leader in the art renaissance in glass making, Chihuly has carried out a lifelong exploration of the fluid capabilities of glass.  Dale Chihuly has transformed the perception of glass medium from one used primarily for decorative vessels to sculptured medium of almost unlimited possibilities.  His undulating vases and sculptures, with ruffled edges, biomorphic forms and varied colorings are reminiscent of tropical shells and flowers.  He excels in producing works that tests the technical limits of his medium and shows off the interaction of glass and light.  There is a singular luminous beauty and exuberance in Chihuly’s glass sculptures.

The Chihuly show will be throughout the gallery’s three exhibition spaces.  Chihuly created an ecstatically beautiful glass chandelier, Jerusalem Cylinders, a 14’ blue tower specifically for this exhibit.