Stephanie Patton - Diffuse

Stephanie Patton

Stephanie Patton explores critical issues with humor using different media, such as photographic self-portraiture, sculpture, painting, installation, performance, video and text. Her work is influenced by her life experiences, her family, friends and pop culture. An interest in the subtleties of human emotions can be traced throughout her work.

In her video Diffuse, Patton walks on six crates of eggshells in l Love Comfort™ shoes until all of the eggshells are broken. The video explores the effort it takes to avoid confrontation with an individual harboring a short temper or mood swings. It speaks literally about the feeling and ultimate liberation of “walking on eggshells.” The piece reflects the anxiety that accompanies this desire not to upset or provoke unwanted behavior of an individual. Ultimately the uncomfortable situation is controlled and diffused.