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“Douglas Bourgeois at Arthur Roger Gallery”, Catalogue essay

Douglas Bourgeois grew up Catholic in a rural hamlet in southeast Louisiana. Born in 1951, he attended a parochial elementary school where he served as an altar boy, and in his teens enrolled in a training facility for future priests. Today, Bourgeois is not a churchgoer and eschews organized religion. Read More

“Gene Koss”, Arthur Roger Gallery

Two large sculptures and one small one were shown in the New Orleans artist’s first solo show in New York. Timber, Plow and Ridge Road Climb unveiled an artist of skill, intervention, and unexpected beauty. Read More

“Art Pick of the Week”, La Weekly

Art Pick of the Week BY PETER FRANK “New Orleans based-artist Dawn DeDeaux suggest that the expected source of the ‘trouble’ is itself troubled, yet manifests its own tragic nobility. The focus of her darkly dramatic Soul Shadows: Urban Warrior Myths is the young African-American male. She populates the corridors of her catacomb-like – or…  Read More