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“Louisiana Blend”, Art in America

As Louisiana”s leading fantasy-based realist painter, Douglas Bourgeois deserves both a broader audience and more probing analysis. In the wake of his first retrospective, “Baby-Boom Daydreams,” he is likely to get both. Read More

“Douglas Bourgeois”, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Nine small paintings equal two years’ work for Louisiana artist Douglas Bourgeois-a pace that seems positively speedy when one encounters his meticulously rendered pieces at Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St. Detailed and delicate as the interiors of watches, these panel paintings are testaments to obsessive craftsmanship and its power to capture the vivid obsessions of our dreams. Read More

“Douglas Bourgeois at Arthur Roger Gallery”, Catalogue essay

Douglas Bourgeois grew up Catholic in a rural hamlet in southeast Louisiana. Born in 1951, he attended a parochial elementary school where he served as an altar boy, and in his teens enrolled in a training facility for future priests. Today, Bourgeois is not a churchgoer and eschews organized religion. Read More

Douglas Bourgeois, ARTnews

Voodoo traditions and New Orleans’ strongly Roman Catholic heritage go some way toward explaining the city’s bizarre emotional energy. New Orleanians, while they love earthly excesses-witness Mardi Gras-also lead exotic spiritual lives. Read More