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“Robert Colescott: 1925-2009,” The Oregonian

Robert Colescott, the gifted American artist whose often outlandish but always gorgeous paintings pondered racial stereotypes and other thorny aspects of race relations in America, passed away Thursday at his home in Tucson. Read More

“Black to front: Michael Lobel on Robert Colescott”, Artforum

Robert Colescott’s Interior I, 1991, is a spot-on pastiche of one of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Interiors” paintings: Here are the sterile modern furnishings, the stark outlines, the repeating dot patterns. Yet someone has shuffled in to disturb the otherwise pristine scene–a dark-skinned figure sits on the white couch, his stockinged foot plunked unceremoniously on the gleaming coffee table. Read More

“Robert Colescott at Crown Point Press,” by Kathan Brown

Robert Colescott at Crown Point Press by Kathan Brown Robert Colescott is standing in the Crown Point Press studio in front of an almost-finished ambitious four-panel etching, answering questions from a small group of visitors. “It’s really about our sex life,” he confides. “Sex and race, those are my raw materials. That’s why they’re in…  Read More

“African Odyssey,” Tucson Weekly

Now mounted in a sumptuous exhibition at the University of Arizona Museum of Art, “Robert Colescott: Recent Paintings” first went up at the Venice Biennale a year and a half ago. The work of UA professor emeritus Colescott, these extravagantly colored, politically charged narrative paintings were the U.S. entry in the 1997 international art fair. Colescott was the first American painter since Jasper Johns in 1988 to be thus honored, and the first ever African-American artist to represent the U.S. with a solo show. Read More

“Mocking Black Stereotypes, a Black Artist Makes Waves”, People

Seattle is a low-key, convivial town, but when the Robert Colescott retrospective opens at the Seattle Art Museum next week, it may put some acid in the placid rain. In Cincinnati, a woman marched into the museum before the show opened and vociferously declared the artist’s work to be insulting to blacks. Read More

“Review/Art; Turbulent Restatements From Robert Colescott”, The New York Times

Robert Colescott is a black artist, born in Oakland, Calif., in 1925, who graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in drawing and painting, went on to study with Fernand Leger in Paris (1949-50) and in the 1960’s spent two years in Cairo, first as artist in residence at the American Research Center and later on the faculty of the American University. Read More