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“Gallery owner Arthur Roger donates his extensive personal art collection to NOMA,” The Times-Picayune

On June 1, Arthur Roger’s personal collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and mixed media pieces will be taken off his walls, packed away and carted over to the New Orleans Museum of Art. He recently donated more than 80 pieces to the museum, including works by national and regional artists such as Luis Cruz Azaceta, Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgeois, Robert Colescott, George Dureau, Robert Gordy, Deborah Kass, Catherine Opie, Robert Polidori, Holton Rower and John Waters, among others. Read More

“Exhibition Pick: Luis Cruz Azaceta,” Pelican Bomb

Luis Cruz Azaceta’s current show at Arthur Roger Gallery, “On The Brink,” makes a statement on contemporary social and political issues. But first, one might get distracted by the artist’s flashy abstract style. Azaceta’s process of stacking primary and secondary colors in the form of polygonal shapes is eye-popping. Azaceta was born and raised in Cuba, to whose vibrant culture one may attribute his neon color palette. Read More

“Review: Luis Cruz Azaceta’s geometric paintings at Arthur Roger Gallery,” Gambit

On the Brink seems an unusual title for a geometric abstract painting show. The crisp geometry of traditional art deco, op art or minimalist design, like the sleek lines of modern architecture and furniture, all epitomize a kind of optimistic rationalism, but Luis Cruz Azaceta was forever marked by the chaos that characterized the Cuban revolution and his life as a youthful refugee. Read More

Luis Cruz Azaceta: No Exit

Luis Cruz Azaceta: No Exit is the first substantial overview of the work of the Cuban-American artist Luis Cruz Azaceta (born 1942). Azaceta’s childhood memories in Cuba (where he remained until he was 18 years old) mix with his first professional experiences in New York City (where he studied at the School of Visual Arts and where he lived for three decades) and those of his period of professional maturity in New Orleans. Read More

“Artist Luis Cruz Azaceta and Swimming to Havana,” artnet news

With a career spanning over 40 years and a range of media, Cuban-American artist Luis Cruz Azaceta has established himself as a singular voice of his generation. Representing not just special insight into the shifting global narratives of his home country, Azaceta has boldly employed abstraction, figuration, and conceptual practices to explore universal truths about the modern human condition. Read More

“Louisiana Art Now,” New Orleans Art Review

In the main gallery, painting takes over, with pride of place reserved for two large abstract paintings by Luis Cruz Azaceta. Viewers are immediately drawn to the bright neon rainbow colors of Heroes Tale (2016), awarded Best in Show by juror Bill Arning, Director of Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Read More

“5 Artists to Watch: Cuba Edition,” artnet News

Red is certainly not the only color Cubans express themselves with, however—a country with a famously colorful personality, Cuba embodies a wide-ranging palette in its lively architecture, people, cuisine, and vegetation. The artist Luis Cruz Azacata captures this vibrancy in his swirling, playful work, Swimming to Havana VIII. It’s easy to imagine the rainbow-streaked streets of Havana when looking at this artist’s oeuvre, so let this painting be a reminder for you to not miss out on the colorful experiences now available to you in Cuba. Read More

“Farber Foundation Announces Finalists for Cuban Art Awards,” ARTnews

Luis Cruz Azaceta is one of the most prolific, consistent artists. His works range from intimate drawings and monumental paintings, sculptures to intricate installations that convey the individual drama in contemporary global society. He has visualized with a critical eye a wide range of personal and social themes in his paintings. Read More