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David Yarrow: Lion

David Yarrow describes his process for photographing lions in the wild, including encasing his camera in a steel box and enticing the animals with Old Spice. Read More

“Review: Stephen Paul Day’s Queen of Mirth,” Gambit

Christmas has a funny way of reminding us of the innocent joys of childhood even as the world looks less and less innocent. Stephen Paul Day’s magnificently crafted, yet totally weird, Queen of Mirthshow features oversized recreations of vintage children’s games and pop culture collectibles from the shadowy recesses of America’s past. Read More

“World-renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow: ‘My goal is to take four good pictures a year’,” WGN Radio

Artist, philanthropist, author, conservationist and photographer David Yarrow joins Justin to talk about his amazing career, starting off his career as a sports photographer, when he decided to make the transition to wildlife photography, how he prepared himself to take on the challenge of wildlife photography, his process of taking pictures of wild animals, the importance of capturing the eyes of an animal, the goal of taking four good pictures a year, how he chooses the location to photograph his subjects, what he plans to do next, his 2016 book, “Wild Encounters” and his current exhibition at the Hilton-Asmus Contemporary art gallery. Read More

“Deep Cuts,” Louisiana Cultural Vistas

As part of Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp opening November 16-18, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will exhibit nine prints and an original woodcut block from John T. Scott’s 2003 series, Blues Poem for the Urban Landscape. Read More

“These Five Artists Will Help You Better Understand American Immigration,” Smithsonian Second Opinion

For curator E. Carmen Ramos, immigration to the United States is very much tied to the country’s foreign policies. In the art she sees that reckons with the nation’s approach to Cuba, Iraq, Central America and elsewhere, Ramos finds a deep understanding of identity and American society. When talking with Smithsonian Second Opinion, Ramos identified five artists whose works tackle immigration in America. Read More