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“New Columbus State University downtown building to get distinct piece of public art,” Ledger-Enquirer

A significant public art project will be installed and dedicated in downtown Columbus next week. The sculpture, which will feature six unique parts, will be placed outside and inside Columbus State University’s Frank Brown Hall on the former Ledger-Enquirer site. The work by Colorado artist Pard Morrison will be dedicated Wednesday afternoon at Brown Hall. Morrison, who visited Columbus during the process to commission the work, will be here for the dedication. Read More

“Mechanical Biota, Chromatic Scales”, New Orleans Art Review

THE WORKS OF Pard Morrison are poetically titled chromatic studies that mimic the layout of the ivories and ebonies of a keyboard. Sequences of colors and regular shapes define the rhythm and measure of compositions that could be used as an improvisational composition by a skilled jazz musician. Area, saturation, and juxtaposition mirror the notes, rhythmic patterns, chords, and harmonies of musical scripts. Read More

“Medium in the Middle”, Westword

There’s nothing new about working at the intersection of art mediums, especially pieces that combine aspects of both painting and sculpture. Take, for instance, those bas-reliefs from antiquity. Since they are three-dimensional, they’re technically sculptures, but because they were meant to be viewed from one side only, they’re actually more like paintings. Read More

“Pard Morrison”, ARTnews

Offering a fitting visual elegy to Donald Judd and Agnes Martin, Pard Morrison borrowed from each of their sensibilities to advance the Minimalist esthetic. Read More


Rule Gallery director Robin Rule has a taste for art with a less-is-more aesthetic, and she has made her place on Broadway Denver’s “minimalist central.” Over the years, she’s showcased first-generation minimalists from New York, including Carl Andre and Mary Obering, as well as local practitioners, notably Clark Richert, the dean of geometric painters in the region. Sometimesthough only rarelyRule takes a risk with an emerging local artist who is doing a contemporary take on minimalism. Read More