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“From Centerstage – Photographer David Leventi Takes Readers Center Stage in ‘OPERA’,” Opera Wire

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to view some of the world’s most renowned opera houses from center stage? Wonder no longer. New York-based fine arts photographer David Leventi’s 120-page book “OPERA” answers this question in stunning color and detail. The son of architects, he photographed the auditoriums of nearly 50 opera houses in the United States and abroad, shooting from center stage, and using only a wide-angle camera and the lighting from chandeliers and other house lights. Read More

Arthur Roger Gallery at Art Miami 2015

The Arthur Roger Gallery is very pleased to be a part of Art Miami this year. At Booth C36, we are exhibiting works by Richard Baker, David Bates, Willie Birch, Douglas Bourgeois, Robert Colescott, Stephen Paul Day, Dawn DeDeaux, Lesley Dill, James Drake, Lin Emery, David Leventi, Whitfield Lovell, Stephanie Patton, Erwin Redl and Holton Rower. The exhibition will be on view from December 2 – December 6, 2014 at the Miami Art Pavilion located in the Miami Midtown Arts District. Read More

“On and around Julia Street, it’s Art for Art’s Sake,” The Advocate

Arthur Roger will be presenting a show of shimmering, natural form-based kinetic sculptures by veteran New Orleans-based artist Lin Emery, along with David Leventi’s grand photos of opera houses and prisons and river- and cityscapes by Simon Gunning. And one of the newest additions to the Julia Street scene, Julie Silvers Art, will be celebrating its grand opening Saturday with a DJ, door prizes, and other “surprises” from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Read More

“What the prima donna saw,” The Telegraph

But there is a durable romance about these places, too, magnificently captured and celebrated in a spectacular new book by the American photographer David Leventi. He has produced gorgeous colour images of the spectrally empty auditoriums of 45 opera houses, almost all viewed from the same central vantage point on stage. It is as though we are being made to see what the prima donna surveys as she advances downstage and launches into her great aria. Read More

“‘Opera’: A Photographer Documents from Center Stage,” The Wall Street Journal

Photographer David Leventi’s new monograph, ‘Opera’ (Damiani) is the sum of many parts. “As the son of two architects, I experience an almost religious feeling walking into a grand space such as an opera house” writes Mr. Leventi, an architectural photographer who, over the course of eight years photographed the interiors of more than 40 opera houses around the world. Read More

“See the World’s Most Impressive Opera Houses,” TIME

For this project, Leventi shot more than 40 opera houses in almost 20 countries, from the tiny (Teatro di Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati, capacity: 80) to the mammoth (The Metropolitan Opera, capacity: 3,975). The work is being exhibited at Rick Wester Fine Art (with prints up to seven and a half feet wide) starting May 7 and is being released as a book by Damiani in June 2015. Read More

“The Stunning Grandeur of the World’s Great Opera Houses,”

Photographer David Leventi started out thinking he would be a reportage photographer. He admired Henri Cartier-Bresson and street photography, began his career interning in the archives at Magnum Photos, and shot with a Leica camera searching for the elusive “decisive moment.” But things started to change when he began working for photographer Robert Polidori. Read More