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“Natural Beauty: Courtney Egan at Arthur Roger Gallery,” Pelican Bomb

Video still of Courtney Egan's Dreamcatcher, 2013. Interactive HD video projection. Courtesy the artist and Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans.

Courtney Egan’s exhibition “Circulation of Light” plays with time in several video-based works that explore the mediation of nature through technology. Read More

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“Not so Random,” Art e-Walk

While Redl’s light installations have been affiliated with the Light and Space movement, this new body of work reaches far beyond “retinal” art to art for the mind, a Duchampian quest. Exploring new dimensions like space and time, the artist aims through his art to control randomness “transferring an idea of randomness through precise calculations.” Read More

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“Installation art and towering text combine in the Appleton’s new exhibit ‘Faith & the Devil,’” Ocala

Registrar David Reutter, left, and Paul Arthur, chief preparatory, hang Lesley Dill's “Kill The Calm” at the Appleton Museum of Art.
Doug Engle/Staff photographer

In the eons since written language was developed, its art typically was words: poetry, essays, plays and so forth. Read More

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“Farber Foundation Announces Finalists for Cuban Art Awards,” ARTnews

Teresita Fernández’s ‘As Above So Below,’ an exhibition at MASS MoCA, landed her a spot on the shortlist for this year’s Cuban Artist of the Year award.


Luis Cruz Azaceta is one of the most prolific, consistent artists. His works range from intimate drawings and monumental paintings, sculptures to intricate installations that convey the individual drama in contemporary global society. He has visualized with a critical eye a wide range of personal and social themes in his paintings. Read More

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“Between Apocalypses,” The New York Times

Paul Costello for The New York Times

Dawn DeDeaux has been thinking a lot about the apocalypse, and she’d like to get you in the mood, too. “MotherShip,” her installation for Prospect.3, this town’s international biennial (which, in typical New Orleans fashion, has rolled around not quite on schedule), proposes an exit strategy from planet Earth. Ms. DeDeaux, a mixed-media artist, said she has taken to heart Stephen Hawking’s prediction that earthlings have 100 years left before the planet gives out. Opening Oct. 25, and set in an abandoned, roofless warehouse with trees growing through it, the installation will have recorded music by George Clinton and Sun Ra, giant steel rings that suggest those made for the zeppelins of yore, ladders and stacked chairs as a galactic assist, and places to store your mementos and Ms. DeDeaux’s. Read More

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“Review: Prospect.3 at the Contemporary Arts Center,” Gambit

'Double Holy Spirit Coco,' Douglas Bourgeois

Welcome to the world! There is a National Geographic quality about much of Prospect.3, which offers many windows on the far corners of the planet. Read More

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“2 Years, 1,242 Drawings. Step Inside This Obsessive Artist’s Brain.” GOOD Magazine

In 2012, virtuosic sculpture and video artist James Drake decided to do something totally new for him: Draw every single day for two years. Read More

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“New Orleans music website weighs in on Prospect.3 artist Douglas Bourgeois,” The Times-Picayune

'Double Holy Spirit Coco,' Douglas Bourgeois

Douglas Bourgeois, who is among Louisiana’s finest artists by anyone’s standards, draws much of the inspiration for his magic realist paintings, from pop music sources. Read More

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“‘A Long Hungry Look’: Forgotten Gordon Parks Photos Document Segregation,” The New York Times

‘A Long Hungry Look’Credit Gordon Parks/The Gordon Parks Foundation, via The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

In 1950, Gordon Parks was the only African-American photographer working for Life magazine, a rising star who was gaining the power to call his own shots, and he proposed a cover story both highly political and deeply personal: to return to Fort Scott, Kan., the prairie town where he had grown up, to find his 11 classmates in a segregated middle school. Read More

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“Douglas Bourgeois’ Illuminated Pop,” My Spilt Milk

Our Lady of the Monster Beats, by Douglas Bourgeois

Painter Douglas Bourgeois is talking specifically about works that are on display in the Contemporary Arts Center as a part of Prospect.3, but also his paintings in general. Read More

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