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“Simon Gunning, a New Orleans artist and his space,”


Simon Gunning, and his new studio on Port Street in New Orleans, photographed on Thursday August 20, 2015. Read More

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“Exhibit | Gordon Parks: Ali,” CraveOnline

Gordon Parks, "Untitled". Miami, Florida, 1970. Photo © The Gordon Parks Foundation, courtesy of Arthur Roger Gallery

In September 1966, LIFE magazine published, “The Redemption of a Champion,” by Gordon Parks, a profile of Muhammad Ali, who had recently changed his name to embody his newly adopted Islamic faith. An exhibition of photographs from the LIFE essay are currently on view in “Gordon Parks: Ali” at Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, through September 9, 2015. Read More

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“Stories and History,” Art e-Walk


For the new “art year” in New Orleans kicked off during White Linen Night, Arthur Roger Gallery presents an exhibition featuring three generations of African American artists, including the famous Life magazine photographer Gordon Parks born in 1912 and the native artist Bruce Davenport in 1972. The show gathers a large collection of works from Willie Birch and introduces new pieces from Whitfield Lovell. Read More

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“Ten Years After Katrina, New Orleans Museums Reckon With Recovery,” The New York Times

Clockwise from top left, Sidonie Villere, Courtney Egan, Carl Joe Williams, Carlie Trosclair and Stephanie Patton in front of Ms. Trosclair’s “Fissure?” at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.
William Widmer for The New York Times

How well do you remember the last days of August 10 years ago? …The three major visual arts venues in the city — the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Contemporary Arts Center — have all timed exhibitions of living artists to coincide with the anniversary. Each show is distinct in its approach, its tone, and its way of visualizing the role of art and the idea of memorialization itself. Read More

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“Photographic portraits provide insight into creative minds,” NolaVie

"George Dureau was interested in classicism, and he felt he was rewriting southern mythology with subject matter, drawings, paintings and photos," Arthur Roger.

How do surroundings influence and contribute to the creative process? With that question in mind, ponder the powerful effect of environment on artistry shown in the current exhibition, Artist Spaces, on view at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, through Sunday, Sept. 6. Read More

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“World-class glass art makes med center worth a visit,” The Advocate

Glass artist Dale Chihuly’s “Crystal Blue and Amber Tower” (2015) was placed over a stone-lined reflecting pond in the medical center. [Photo by John D’Addario]

Medical centers aren’t usually the kind of places you go unless you have to. But if the new University Medical Center on Tulane Avenue between South Galvez Street and South Claiborne Avenue wasn’t on your list of places to visit this month, you may want to reconsider: Two world-class art installations in the new building are well worth seeking out. Read More

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“‘Just Trying to Figure Out How to Draw a Circle’ – Joseph Havel,” Houston Press

Eight drawings entitled How to Draw a Circle from the exhibit of the same name by Joseph Havel at Hiram Butler Gallery [Courtesy of Hiram Butler Gallery]

Artists and poets often look to each other for inspiration; there is an energy to the abstract concepts found in each discipline that allows creativity to flourish. In the case of Joseph Havel, it was a chance encounter with Dean Young, 2014 Poet Laureate of Texas, that led to the current exhibit “How to Draw a Circle,” on display now at Hiram Butler Gallery. Read More

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“Bruce Davenport, Jr. – the game is mine,” Victory Journal

Bruce Davenport, Jr., T.D.B.C. Presents Say No To Don King, 2014, Archival ink and marker on paper, 19 1/2 × 25 1/2 inches

[Image courtesy of Louis B. James Gallery]

Davenport’s dense, intricate art – which these days depicts boxing matches and football games in addition to the local high school marching bands that first brought him prominence – has captured the attention of the international art market. Read More

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“Lin Emery,” New Orleans Art Review

Lin Emery: Umbrella Tree, 2014. Brushed aluminum,117 x 127 (orbit) inches.

More interactive work is found in Lin Emery’s kinetic sculptures at Arthur Roger Gallery. Emery, a local sculptor whose work is widely known in New Orleans and beyond, continues to be inspired by the exquisite forms that Nature offers every day. Read More

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“Amer Kobaslija – Paintings,” The New Orleans Art Review

Amer Kobaslija: Sputnik Sweetheart of New Orleans and the End of the World, 2007. Oil on panels, 85” high.

THE ROMANTIC IMAGE of the solitary painter, alone in a garret studio, strenuously working at a paint-spattered easel in the dead of night, certainly persists in many imaginations. That painter is charged, obsessed with the work – drunk on wine or turpentine, weary from extended periods of insomnia, living in relative filth. Despite the perceived stink of such a scene, it is an engaging thought that captures the creative vision of the uninitiated into studio practice in painting. From paintings by Amer Kobaslija at Arthur Roger Gallery, it appears that the imagined situation is not much different from standard, fanciful mental wanderings. Read More

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