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“Amer Kobaslija at Arthur Roger Gallery,” Daily Serving

Amer Kobaslija. Sputnik Sweetheart of New Orleans and the End of the World, 2007; Oil on two panels; 85 x 124 ¼ in.

For Kobaslija, the studio is a unique and personal world built of interchangeable stuff: floors, walls, shelves, canvases, paint, paper, chairs, tables, brushes, easels, and lighting fixtures repeat themselves across the series, their positions made mysterious by the absent bodies of the artists working (and sometimes living) inside. The invisible movements and patterned routines of the artists order the placement of these unique assemblages, turning each picture into a leftover document of the “work” of the work of art. Read More

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“We interviewed Douglas Bourgeois after going crazy for his artwork,” Griot Magazine

Womack and Del Ray | Douglas Bourgeois

Douglas Bourgeois’s transcendent, fantastical images of pop icons as religious icons, set against southern Louisiana scenery, are inspired by his rural life and his homages to what and who inspires him. Read More

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“Douglas Bourgeois: Of Reverie & Truth,” New Orleans Art Review

Douglas Bourgeois: Double Holy Spirit Coco, 2013. Oil on board.

DOUGLAS BOURGEOIS’S ART feels disarmingly intimate. Beyond the rapt technique and startling syntax, what engages your notice ultimately is the circumscribed universe he creates – and further, the abiding spiritual tone of that universe. His paintings suggest some otherworldly realm – usually a lyricized south Louisiana – that exists only in reverie. Read More

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“Lin Emery’s gorgeous robots rule Arthur Roger gallery,” The Times-Picayune

Lin Emery’s suite of new works at Arthur Roger Gallery through April 25 confirms her position as New Orleans’ premier sculptor. For decades, Emery, who was born in 1928, has gifted us with gorgeous, glinting mechanical sculptures that are so exquisitely balanced that they bob and wave in ballet-like motion with every breeze. Read More

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“John Alexander spirits us from the ridiculous to the sublime,” The Dallas Morning News

[Nathan Hunsinger/Staff Photographer]

At 69, John Alexander has lived an extraordinary life. He sails the Caribbean with rocker Jimmy Buffett and counts among his other pals such Saturday Night Live luminaries as Lorne Michaels and Dan Aykroyd, his partner in a prosperous venture that serves vodka in skull-shaped drinking vessels. He spends his summers on Amagansett, Long Island, but for 35 years has occupied a SoHo loft in New York City, where he long ago established a reputation as a mesmerizing artist, one with a social conscience. Read More

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“Review: Lin Emery,” Gambit

Lin Emery, Return

Lin Emery’s kinetic sculptures epitomize that kind of timeless and finely tuned consistency. But like the timeless, pristine miracles of the natural world on which they are based, they can be easy to take for granted — unless something changes, as appears to be the case in her current show at Arthur Roger Gallery. Read More

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“John Alexander’s Ridiculous, Sublime, and a Little Bit Creepy World at Meadows Museum,” Dallas Observer

John Alexander
Sweet and Juicy, 2005
oil on canvas
39.5 x 32 inches
Meadows Museum

John Alexander nearly presses his nose against a charcoal image of a lobster and laughs when he says looking into the drawing’s eyes reminds him of his dog. We’re in the downstairs gallery where a series of drawings serve as a prelude to the exhibition at the Meadows Museum, Human/nature. The Ridiculous and Sublime: Recent Works by John Alexander. Alexander jokes in his rich Texan drawl that his assistant had to explain to him what “prelude” meant. Certainly these beautiful, mysterious charcoal drawings of deceptively simple subjects — the lobster, an array of lily pads, a jellyfish and oyster shells — set the tone for the paintings that follow. Read More

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“SMU alum John Alexander brings his rare art to the Meadows,” The Dallas Morning News

Krystallynne Gonzalez


Alexander in his studio with Sailing on the Edge , 2015

John Alexander is being honored with an exhibition of his work at the Meadows during the museum’s 50th anniversary year and the university’s centennial. “Human/nature. The Ridiculous and Sublime: Recent Works by John Alexander” opens next Sunday and continues through June 28. The show’s 35 paintings and drawings are on loan from 26 lenders, including 12 in Texas. Read More

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“Artist draws on outdoor beauty, mystery,” Palm Beach Daily News

Artist John Alexander finds inspiration in the garden at Eaton Fine Art.

John Alexander was puzzling over orchids on a recent morning in the Eaton Fine Art sculpture garden in West Palm Beach. Read More

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“Sculptors on Sculpture: Part One,” Blouin Art Info

Installation view of "Beautiful Beast" (Photo by Peter Drake)

I don’t see how any artist can work alone. I am so happy working with people; I like working with a team, whether they’re assistants or interns. We are making something together, and I am proud of them, because they contribute so much. However, I am definitely the captain of the ship, the singer of the song, the leader of the pack, and it is my job to have a steady vision and open mind. I keep a hawk’s eye out on the work, because, though explorative, it has to be exactly right. Read More

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