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“Women’s House,” a sculpture by John Scott

“Women’s House” is one of the final outdoor sculptures created by the late John Scott. His son, Ayo Scott, Xavier University Art Professor Ron Bechet and Architect Daniel Dreher, among others, salvaged the upper half of the sculpture from the artist’s New Orleans East warehouse. The remarkable piece was recently unveiled at Xavier University’s Ribbon…  Read More

David Bates, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Dawn DeDeaux, Lesley Dill, Troy Dugas and Srdjan Loncar at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Forces of Nature: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation October 22, 2011 – January 15, 2012 The theme of nature is particularly poignant for Louisiana residents following the unprecedented elevation of the Mississippi River, recent hurricanes, the Gulf oil spill, and constant threats of coastal erosion. Forces of Nature: Selections from the Frederick…  Read More

“CAC’s Art for Arts Sake Recap with pictures,” InvadeNOLA

“Using an insider’s bag of tricks and trade lingo, Waters celebrates the excess of the movie industry. Word and image play permeate Waters’ work, and the movie industry and its various sleights of hand are a common target. Always ambitious and playful, some of the works are condensed narratives or “little movies” as Waters calls them. Waters wickedly juxtaposes images from films and television that he captured by photographing his television set as they play.” Read More

“What was best at the Art for Art’s Sake 2011 block party,” The Times-Picayune

Last night’s Art for Art’s Sake block party was a pleasant blur. With the temperature in the sweet seventies and not a cloud in the autumn sky – really, not one – it was the perfect night for an art promenade. Read my AFAS preview here. Julia Street was crowded, but not as cramped as August’s White Linen Night. Lines at the outdoor bars were minimal and the food I sampled – macaroni and cheese studded with lobster – was outstanding. It would have been a great night out, even if the art had not been completely captivating. Read More

“Arthur Roger,” OffBeat

Arthur Roger has been a mainstay of the Julia Street contemporary arts scene, and for years his gallery has been one of the must-see stops on first Saturday art openings. For years, Art for Art’s Sake has been the contemporary arts community’s signature event, though in recent years, White Linen Night has challenged that standing. On a quiet afternoon, Roger talks about changes in the New Orleans arts community and the business of art. Read More

“Life and Art, Side by Side in the French Quarter. At Home With Ersy Schwartz and Josephine Sacabo,” The New York Times

Ersy Schwartz, a sculptor, and Josephine Sacabo, a photographer, are old friends, neighbors and artistic collaborators who live in the crumbling village known as the French Quarter, in houses that are exemplars of a certain local aesthetic composed of equal parts grandeur and mystery, funk and rot. They are also fomenters of the sort of time-traveling artwork that comes with a distinctly New Orleans point of view. Read More

Ersy at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Ersy: Architect of Dreams Ogden Museum of Southern Art October 1, 2011- January 8, 2012 Ersy is a New Orleans artist whose work is rooted in precise craftsmanship of bronze, silver and wood. Her unique aesthetic is part taxidermy, part reliquary and incorporates elements of surrealism in a visual poetry that often references the pageantry…  Read More