Gallery News

Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights at NOMA

Ida Kohlmeyer continues to be an important part of NOMA’s history and art history in New Orleans; to honor her 100th anniversary, NOMA is presenting an exhibition of key pieces based on the permanent collection holdings. Ida Kohlmeyer: 100th Anniversary Highlights will be on view in the Weisman Galleries October 12, 2012 through February 10, 2013. Read More

The Re-enchantment of Art: Jacqueline Bishop’s Imaginary Landscapes

Jacqueline Bishop’s paintings, installations, and works on paper probe the complex relationship between ecologically fragile systems and humans. Similar in tenor to the poet and philosopher Ponge’s close examination of “things” her works are intimate observations of the world around us with strong political and social dimensions. Bishop’s depictions of nature and close analysis of flora and fauna recall 16th and 17th century Dutch and Flemish still life paintings with surrealistic and often exotic overtones. Read More

“Ritual Forms: The Sculptures and Drawings of Clyde Connell” at Longue Vue

With a mystical view of nature and a deep connection to her home in northwest Louisiana, artist Clyde Connell created sculptures and wall reliefs that expressed her sympathy with the culture of African-Americans during the turn of the century and the pictographic works of “music heard on the bayous”. Selected works will be on exhibit at Longue Vue beginning with an opening reception on October 18, 2012. Read More

Lesley Dill’s Poetic Visions: From Shimmer to Sister Gertrude Morgan at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Lesley Dill is one of the most prominent American artists working at the intersection of language and fine art. Her elegant sculptures, art installations, mixed-media photographs, and evocative performances draw from both her travels abroad and profound interests in spirituality and the world’s faith traditions. Exploring the power of words to cloak and reveal the psyche, Dill invests new meaning in the human form. Paper, wire, horsehair, photography, foil, bronze, and music comprise elements through which the artist conveys the complexities of communication. The often secret, indecipherable, and bold meanings of words emerge not only from hearing their sounds, but by feeling them—language is a visceral, bodily experience. Dill challenges the viewer to confront our linguistic relationships as well as perceptions of language itself. Read More

Rob Wynne: I Remember Ceramic Castles, Mermaids & Japanese Bridges at the Norton Museum of Art

New York-based artist Rob Wynne, who creates stunning and beautiful sculptures, reliefs, and installations inspired by diverse sources such as art, literature, and nature, will create the second site-specific project for the Norton’s main lobby. He has manipulated glittering, mirrored glass to create symbolic shapes and texts that simultaneously appear reflective and seem invisible. With this material, he gives form to a snippet of someone else’s conversation or an evocative idea such as “silence that wants to speak.” For this project, Wynne will integrate the natural world–birds, sea, air, flora, and insects – distinct to the Norton’s location through glass-beaded drawings and hand printed wallpaper, and incorporate examples of art from the Museum Collection. Read More