Bunny Matthews

“Without its curious and diverse denizens, New Orleans would just be a swampy environment with poor drainage and too many mosquitoes,” states Bunny Matthews. “’The People of New Orleans From A to Z’ is my tribute to the human beings who make New Orleans the utterly unique place that it is.”

This exhibition of twenty-six vibrantly colored 17×14 inch drawings created with pen, ink and colored pencil celebrates the citizens of New Orleans. Each resident in this compelling collection is represented by a letter of the alphabet and characterized by ideology, occupation or vice without particular judgment or praise.

Included are Astrologer, Drunk, Oyster Shucker and Xenophobe. Representing “V” and “N” are the iconic Vic and Nat’ly Broussard, cartoon characters created by Bunny Matthews in 1982 for the Times-Picayune’s Dixie magazine. These residents of “Da Nint’ Ward” have since graced the sides of the entire fleet of Leidenheimer Baking Company’s delivery trucks, a Bacchus Mardi Gras float, posters celebrating Barq’s Root Beer’s 100th anniversary and murals at the Audubon Zoo, the Audubon Insectarium, the Louisiana State Museum and the official City of New Orleans Pavilion at the 1984 World’s Fair.